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About Us

Making our dream come true!​

Our dream began on our one-year anniversary trip many years ago, traveling through Colorado. We had no set destination other than to drive up through mountains of Colorado. Mike had plans to camp along the way, Carla changed those plans after the first night of sleeping on the rocks and waking up rain soaked. On that trip, we meet a gentleman who guided us on a jeep ride and learned he owned a resort he built from a few rustic cabins. That sparked the idea of 'wouldn't that be fun'.

The years flew by, busy with our careers, raising three wonderful kids and many trips back to Colorado. With each trip, we would restart that conversation wouldn't it be fun to have our own little resort.

Now we are living our dream with many plans to make this place grand. We love meeting new people and hearing their stories. Come hideaway with us and share yours.

Mike & Carla

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